IFC 430 Module

PC Plug-in Card

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IFC 430 Module


IFC 430R is a PC expansion board with PCI interface for the acquisition and evaluation 
of encoder signals. It can also be used for all standard counting functions
(event counter, frequency counter etc.).

Latch logic of the count values

  • Asynchronous latch individually for each channel by software,
    encoder reference mark or external signal
  • Synchronous latch of several channel by software, timer or external signal
  • Output signal for cascading several cards; can be programmed for software sync or timer sync

Counter operating modes

  • Three counter channels (32 bits each)

Counter interface

  • Three encoder-inputs electively Iss, Uss, digital
  • Input frequency:
    • Max. 4 MHz with delta signals (RS 422)
    • 2 MHz with single-end signals

PC bus

  • Version 2.1


  • Six inputs that can be used as reference pulse inhibitors or as asynchronous latch signals
  • One input for synchronous latch of several channels
  • One output (TTL) for cascading several cards


  • Test and demo software with sample programs
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IFC 430 Module


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IFC 430
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