MS 45

Exposed linear encoder with singlefield scanning

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MS 45


  • Flat dimensions
  • System resolution: 10 µm - 0.5 µm
  • Display of the signal quality directly at the scanning head via 3-coloured LED function
  • Easy mounting without additional test box
  • Easy mounting as a result of large mounting tolerances
  • High insensitivity to contamination by use of an extensive singlefield scanning principle
  • Interfaces: TTL, sinus 1 Vpp
  • Signal-immunity against aging and temperature changes
  • High permissible traversing speed: 15 m/s
  • Reference mark (accurate and repeatable from both traversing directions)
  • Integrated subdividing electronics in the encoder head: for up to times 100 interpolation (before quadrature)
  • Max. measuring length: 30 000 mm
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MS 45

Scanning Head

ModelMS 45 1VppMS 45 TTLx5MS 45 TTLx10MS 45 TTLx50MS 45 TTLx100
Interface∿ 1 VppTTLTTLTTLTTL
Measuring step [µm]Depending on external interpolation10.
Integrated interpolation--Times 5Times 10Times 50Times 100
Max. velocity [m/s]
Max. output frequency75 kHz--------
Edge separation amin [ns]--500500200200
Further features of the scanning head
Interpolation error
with signal stabilization
Typical ±1 µm (peak-peak)
Electrical connectionCable, 0.5 m, 1 m or 3 m with D-sub connector, male, 15-pin
Voltage supply+5 V ±10 %
Power consumption
  • 1 Vpp: max. 715 mW (unloaded)
  • TTL: max. 770 mW (unloaded)
  • Current consumption
  • 1 Vpp: 130 mA (unloaded)
  • TTL: 140 mA (unloaded)
  • Vibration 55 Hz – 2000 Hz≤ 150 m/s2 (EN 60 068-2-6)
    Shock 8 ms750 m/s2 (EN 60 068-2-27)
    Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
    Storage temperature−20 °C to 70 °C
    MassScanning head: 17 g (without cable), cable: 30 g/m, connector: D-sub connector: 28 g
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    MS 45


    • TMT 40 MK- Bandanbauhilfe

      TMT 45 MK tape mounting tool

      Enables a safe and precise mounting of a steel tape scale.

      Mounting instructions: TMT 45 MK tape mounting tool or TMT 45 MK-LH tape mounting tool for left handers

    • PWT 100 / PWT 101

      The PWT 100 / PWT 101 is a testing device for checking the function and adjustment of RSF Elektronik encoders. Thanks to its compact dimensions and robust design, the PWT 100 / PWT 101 is ideal for mobile use. A 4.3-inch touchscreen provides for display and operation. For example, for encoders with EnDat interface you can not only display the position value but also export the online diagnosis, shift datums, and perform further inspection functions.

      Available functions
      The performance range of the PWT 100 / PWT 101 can be expanded by firmware update. Appropriate firmware files that can be imported to the PWT 100 through a memory card (not included in delivery) will be made available at 

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    MS 45


    3d models
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    Mounting Instructions
    AK MS 45
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    MS 45 MK
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    MS 45 MP
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    Technical Basics
    Connecting Cable Configuration and Pin Assignments MS 45
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    Output Signals MS 45
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    Scanning Principle MS 45
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    EC Declaration of conformity
    MS 45- EC declaration of conformity
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    MS 45
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