In order to safeguard the high quality standard of RSF Elektronik, a comprehensive quality assurance and environmental management system – certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 – has been put in place.

Management - Certifications:

EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 14001

Product – Certifications:

Exposed Linear Encoders:

AK MC 15; AK MCS 15, AK MCR 15; AK MS 15;
AK MSR 15; AK MSS 15; AK MS25; AK MSR 25;
AK MSS 25; AK MS 45; AK MSR 45 AK MSS 45

Certificates                    Revision                   Description

EN 61010-1                    Rev. 00                     TÜV-SÜD-Mark certification
UL, CSA 61010-1           Rev. 00                      NRTL (cTÜVus) certification
IEC 61010-1                   Rev. 00                     CB certification (CB-certificatio und CB-test report)

Sealed Linear Encoders:

MSA 1xy; MSA 37y; MSA 6xy; MSA 7xy; MSA 8xy

Certificates                    Revision                  Description

EN 61010-1                    Rev. 00                     TÜV-SÜD-Mark certification
UL, CSA 61010-1           Rev. 00                     NRTL (cTÜVus) certification
IEC 61010-1                   Rev. 00                     CB Zulassung (CB-certification und test report)


The valid UL-certificates can be found here

à by inserting "022705" in search field.